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um. what is this?

The Dopplr Offsetr is a little tool that allows you to calculate the total mileage for your entire Dopplr Network. Based on that mileage, the tool then calculates the total carbon consumption for your network, and makes light of it by placing it in the context of a scoreboard. It's kind of like Fantasy Football, but with Business Travelers and Earth-Warming particulants.

Some questions I'd imagine you'd have: How is the carbon calculated? Well, I'm using the carbon calculating algorithm used by terrapass.com. You can see the exact implementation via this little web service. Currently, I'm also assuming that EVERY trip you take will by a plane. Is this a shitty assumption to make? Yes. Maybe I'll make it so it assumes short trips are by car, but at some point in this whole process, there will be some assumption made about behavior. And as Steven Segal said in Under Seige 2: Dark Territory, "Assumption is the Mother of all fuckups." It's Broken, or I don't like X,Y,Z about this thing? Ok. If it's broken for real (which is entirely possible), I will try and fix it if you send me email (wc at hauntedcastle dot org) or leave a comment on this post from my website.

This is an entirely personal project, and I hope that like, maybe 10-20 people use it. There's not been thought put into stuff like scalability, database efficiency, etc. That being said, it should work fine, as it's not like, built with Duplos or anything. This is also not a visualization by any means. There was obviously thought put into making it fun and visually ok, but it's not something that it intended as some kind of crazy heads up display for your dopplr network, or a way to really visualize much of anything. Ok, enough qualifiers... Hope it works for you and maybe makes you roflcopter or something.